Saturday, August 1, 2009

things will be different from now on. the old Ivan will no longer be there. it's time to look far and work hard for my future. u can't aim without a target,thus it's time for me to set myself a target to reach. i do not know how tough or how my future is going to be like,but i know i can trust God by doing my best and leave the rest unto His mighty hands. knowing how i previously was,being lazy and aimless. keep thinking of fun and enjoyment. it may sound as if i am a grown up but the actions doesn't shows it that way. i do not want to be how i used to be. like what the bible says:"if you fail to plan,you plan to fail",so it's time for me to plan well and achieve it.

working hard to earn more by the age of 20+ is possible. people can do it and i believe i can as well. thanks to my good bunch of army friends who spurs my motivation to earn big bucks up and to give me the positive attitude towards my future and my life and also thanks to Shu Yun as she gives me the strength and support to strive hard to achieve what i really want. the past is already over,what i am suppose to face now is the present and the future. now i'm still setting myself a goal to reach and i believe by walking closely with god,He will make a way for me and will constantly do/create miracles in my life. thank you my dear for your all along support too. will do my best for you and myself and for our relationship. =)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey guys, tomorrow(12/02/09),i will be going for my driving course.Have missed the course for twice and now have the chance to go again. It's a stay in course,which means i got to spend my nightsssss in Sembawang Camp. Well friends,do pray for me. Pray that i will be able to pass my first Driving Test(TP) so that after that,i will be able to stay out,just like office hours. Further more, i will be entitled with off days too as an incentive. Most of my camp mates (drivers), told me that it isn't easy,but i believe that by doing my best and leave the rest unto God,He will do the rest for me. The course itself last for 2 months plus,ends on 21/4/09, provided i do well in the course or else it will be extended (which i don't want). =p Though i'm inside,i will still continue to pray for you guys and i'm sure that when book out every weekend,i will be able to see more and more new friends in the cell group.

Definitely i will never forget to share with everyone of you how's my experience inside. Able to drive new vehicles that not other people are able to. i believe this driving course will be a fun and interesting and eye opening course for me. Looking so forward to see my friends once again regardless or Cell Group or sec or poly or outside friends or even army friends. I'm sure God will do miracles and wonders in my life. Looking forward to be accepted by one of the University(s) (NTU,NUS) too! Guess without a degree certificate, it will be hard for me to look for jobs.

Wishing all of my friends all the best and i will update my blog once again whenever i'm free to share with all of you what's happening around me. Take care and God bless every single one of you!


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Saturday, January 17, 2009

These days the weather sure is good. It feels so cooling especially at night. Just now i told my mum that this weather seems to be like what it is like in Australia. Though you are able to see the sun shining brightly,yet there's cold air blowing on and on. How i wish this lovely weather will sustain for a long time. Lately I've been on MC for quite some time due to my severe eye infection. Now my eyes seems to be one big and one small,and the vision on my left eye(which is the smaller one)seems to be blurred. I do not know how long it will last, but hope it will get better as time goes by. Recently i just passed my Final Theory Test for driving and the feeling was great! This allows me to proceed on to my driving test which means i do not have to read those books and memorize those questions and answers again and all i need to do is to focus on my driving skills. As i confessed and prayed to God that i will obtain my license before June 09. I believe God's blessing will be upon me and i can do it! Chinese New Year is coming, so before i go, i will like to wish every single one out there a Happy Chinese New Year, hope you guys will receive lots of "Ang Bao" with lots of money inside though this year's economic doesn't seems to be good. ^^ Take Care everyone and God bless you!


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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Recently went to attend Barry's Wedding Matrimony and it was magnificent. Seeing another friend getting married,i felt really happy for them. It's easy to find a girl to be with, but it's not easy to find the girl that suits you. During the Matrimony, i can feel the love between them,seeing such a matching couple walking down the pathway and hearing the church bells chimes. As for their wedding photos are rather unique and interesting i should say. Though i do not have the chance to take a picture with him and his lovely wife,it's alright, as i believe next time when we meet up for meals with the rest of our friends, we'll be able to catch up more with each other. Barry is someone who've taught me lots of things. Regardless of work or not. Well Barry, i hereby wishes you and Isabella a great and fruitful marriage and God bless the both of you! Take care and see ya soon!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Its been quite awhile ever since i last draw. Today i thought of giving a new try,which is using just paint program and mouse to draw out something. Here it goes,my first time using such program to draw out an anime. It really took me quite awhile draw such stuff, but i will still do my best to draw out more fantastic and improved drawings. Feel free to comment on my drawing as i will take all comments into consideration and imroves my skill. Thanks guys.


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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Recently our church is having the biggest conference in asia which is also known as the "Asia Conference". Only one word can be used to describe is,which is "UNBELIEVABLE"! People from all 37 countries in asia came down for it and on top of that, people from 72 countries came down too. Singapore Expo, which is the location, is fully packed and i mean REAL PACKED.

This conference took place from Wednesday Morning till Sunday night and everyday without fail, people are attending all the services and elective workshops that are being organized by our church. Powerful speakers like Pastor Phil Pringle and his lovely wife Pastor Christine Pringle, Pastor Ulf Ekman, Pastor Benny Hinn, Dr A.R.Bernard and our very own Pastor, Rev Kong Hee. All the services never failed to touch and change people's life. All of them are so anointed that all of us are impacted by the word of God. I tried to go for almost all the session and indeed, it is a physical challenge for me. From Thursday till Saturday, i have quite a bad headache cos i lack of rest, but it never fails to pull me down from going for services. All my effort are not wasted as during this sensational conference, i learned a lot and i can feel that my life is changing. God is doing and is going to do something miracle in my life and i believe that i will not be the old Ivan i used to be. Signs and wonders will take place and people around me will be tremendously blessed. Just by this conference itself, i feel that my spiritual life is unlike before, but it has grow a lot stronger. Praying for a long time is not much a problem for me compared to before.

God indeed is a great God. He never fails to be there for me. Comfort me everytime when i am down and when i need Him most. Further more, now is also the Arise and Build season for our church and truely, it takes a lot of faith for us to give the offering as during Pastor Benny Hinn healing service, he challenge us to give an amount unto the Lord and he will prayed for the people who step this faith towards God and i did. To what i believe, money is something material and temprary, but the trust and Faith towards God and the blessing from Him are eternal. I know that i'm not throwing my money into the well, but i am blessing the needy and on top of that, i am giving unto God. I'm sure that my friends, my family, my love ones, will be bless tremendously. This Asia Conference is the best conference and Pastor Phil mention that this conference had make a history. Before i end my letter, i pray that God, You will bless people around as with great health and allow them to prosper in everything they do. Change and improve their life. Thank you Lord for everything you've done in my life and i believe that more miracles will be coming. I vow to give all the Glory and Praises in Jesus most precious name i pray, Amen.


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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Well, indeed that time really flies… Just a blink and there you go, graduated from poly. Poly life has come to an end for me, but! This is just the beginning for me. For most guys who have completed your JC or Poly, did you hear someone calling you? It’s the ARMY! Its time to serve the nation and be what they call “real MAN”.

After graduated from poly, I think that army is still somehow a distance for me. “Still left a few months, a long time to go la” always said by me. But I didn’t expect that this day will come so fast. Now all I can say is “next week going in liao… S&S (Sad & Sian)”. Furthermore, I’m serving an extra month due to the exceed value for my BMI. 4 months BMT… Hmm… guess its time for me to say “bye” to my fats and “welcome” to my muscles.

Knowing nothing about what is it going to be like in the army, I went to watch the local show called “Army Daze” and more or less know what’s going on inside. This show never fails to make me laugh every time I watch it. It’s really funny and interesting to see what they do inside. Though it may seem to be bit lame or dumb, but it sure tells us how the BMT is like in the army. While watching this show, it enthusiast me and make me feel like going in soon, but I know that once you get in, you will be sad as you will be bored with those workouts, command and you will miss your family members and friends for sure. I don’t know about others, but I will miss my family, my friends and especially miss my girlfriend the most.

National Service (NS), every guy have to get through before stepping out to the outside world. No matter how hard it is, guess I have to persevere and hang on. Though I am feeling upset somehow now as I’m going to miss my girl, but 4 months BMT will be over real soon.

I hereby like to tell my girl that “don’t be sad my dear. I know it is hard for you as we won’t be seeing each other for quite sometime, but after two weeks, you will be able to come and visit me. I really wish to see you here during the visitation with my parents. I know it is hard for you to take off, but I really wish to see you. Though I’m not there physically, but I’m always there in your heart and same to you, you will always be there in my heart which will be motivating me through my army life. I know its going to be hard on you but jus bear with it. The third week I will be able to come out during weekends and when BMT is over I will know my posting and God will put me where I’m supposed to be at. I’m sure it will not be a bad one. If you got anything to share regardless of happy or sad stuff, when I’m out during the weekends, tell me everything and definitely I will be there to listen to whatever you want to say. Once I’m out of the army, I will work hard for the wonderful future that you and I have planned. Sorry to keep you waiting my love, but trust me that your "waiting" will be something so great as it will be a blessing for you. Pastors always said that in order to bless yourself, you have to bless others, and through this, you’ve blessed me with your waiting time, so in return, I believe you will be blessed a hundred fold too. When I’m in the army, I’m sure I will change, change for the good and not for the bad. And I believe that you will change for the good as well. Take this as a test for our relationship. Like I said on the top, time flies and jus another blink, I will be out of NS. Take good care of yourself and be strong. God bless you. MUACKS & HUGS!!! ^_^ ”

That’s what I know for the army and when I’m out during the third week, I will share with all of you what’s actually in there. Thanks everyone and God bless you. ^^

See you guys soon,signing off here.


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